Ear Cleansing Systems (dog or cat)

Our dual-sided swabs are perfect for pet parents with hard-to-reach ear crevices. The sturdy handle won't snap, and no adhesives were used in assembly. All components are safe for your fluffy pal--and the environment! Made in the USA, our organic ear cleansing serum includes USDA-certified organic oil. Mullein oil disinfects, while witch hazel deodorizes and fights inflammation. Keep your petier free from infection with our designed-with-you-in-mind ear cleansing system! Kit includes 15 dual-sided tips, perfect for small breeds. Medically-grade foam grabs oil, dirt, and grime from delicate areas. Clean without damaging your furry family member's ears. All made with pet- and planet-friendly ingredients. Trust us, your pet will thank you!